Caliper Production Lines

  • There are 4 lines for producing front and rear calipers in this factory. Some of these lines are fully automatic and the others are semi-automatic. One of Azintneh’s core competencies is that experienced professionals are working in the lines and this has led to maintaining the quality of products.


Actuation Production Lines

  • There are 5 lines for producing actuation in this factory. Many of these lines machines are imported from Bosch and foreign contractors are used for maintaining these lines.


Drum Brake Production lines

  • There are 3 semi-automatic lines for producing different types of drum brakes and also 5 lines for producing their pumps.


Filler and Brake Tube Production

  • There are one line for producing filler and brake tube which all of its machines are imported from England and professionals with several years are responsible for the maintenance and production line.