Research and development department is one of the sectors that although has not been with the company from the beginning, but now it is one of the main components of the company. This was due to the growth of the auto industry, technological innovation and the speed is too high and parts of the industry, if they want to remain competitive must be accompanied with the speed and innovation.



Azintaneh is also not exempt from this. Research and Development department has been launched in order to improve the quality of products and devices in the enterprise, increase efficiency and productivity, eliminate waste and the develop new products.

 Benchmark current products

One of the most important part of the department of research and development activities focus on two parts. In the first part, the current processes of production will enhance, these processes are redesigned so in addition to compliance with the environment, more efficient and less energy consumption, production continued. Second part, will lead to improvement in function of products. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, this will enhance the final product and the final consumer satisfaction and safety.

 New products and technologies

Azintane continuously follow products and technologies which are introduced by famous brands and engineers with regards to current features and products, developed.

Analyzing potential markets

With the growth of the domestic automakers and entrance of international manufacturers, potential markets for Azintaneh are increased. The Department of Research and Development analyzes these opportunities and if it is needed, changes will be imposed on products to prepare them for entry into these markets.

 Creation of knowledge in the industry

Research and development unit does not suffice to import technology and knowledge of the world famous brands, but also tries to create knowledge in the industry. For this purpose, the company has established relationships with leading universities in the country to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of teachers and their students. Among them is associating with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Khajenasir University which made valuable articles for the company and the industry.

 New product definition

Azintaneh is a dynamic company that is always looking for improvement. Because of this, R & D has developed long – term planning for the products which can be added to product portfolio of Azintaneh.