Company’s history outlines


1994       Azin Taneh Co. have been established by Messrs Tarjoman, Nekounazar and Hashemi.

1995       Start with the heavy truck braking system

1996       Entering to passenger automotive braking system by Peykan braking system

1997       Achieving to ISO9000 from QMI-Canada

1998       Achieving SAPCO Grade A and taking the  AP Lockheed UK license

1999       Producing Peugeot RD braking system under AP Lockheed UK license

2000       Achieving  Bosch license for Peugeot P405 braking system Products

2001       Achieving  Bosch license for Peugeot P206 braking system Products

2003       Changing the management  and cost structure in Azin-Taneh

2004       Achieving to ISO16949:2002 from TUV-Germany

2005       Achieving  BOSCH license for Renault Logan Drum Brake

2006       Achieving  to 60% of localization for Logan Drum Brake in SOP

2007       Achieving to SAPCO Grade A and BOSCH validation of P206 Drum Brake

2008       Achieving to Renault ASES- worldwide Grade B,  P206 Actuation production

2009       Achieving BOSCH process validation for P206 rear disc brake and TIBA full brake system

2010       Achieving Mazda pick up actuation and Front disc brake. KIA pride Booster

2011       Realizing  TIBA supplies

2012       Developing Mazda pick up, runna booster and front caliper of SAMAND 57mm

2013       Developing 22mm wheel cyl. ,localization of runna booster and calipers front and rear

2014       Developing rear caliper of SAMAND, starting peoject of EPB, improved booster serries