Company Profile

line04                         Azintaneh mfg Co. is an automotive part manufacturer and …

Manufacturing Peykan Single Current Actuation And Heavy Truck Braking System In 1995.

Manufacturing Disk Brake And Drum Brake Of Peykan In 1996 .

TNH Achieved ISO 9000:1994 From QMI Canada Manufacturing Bended Purchased machinery and equipment on 05.05.1993.

Brake TUBES Of Pekan In 1997 .

Take License From APLOCKHEED (UK) & Grade A Sapco in 1998 .

Take Lice From Bosch For Drum Brake , Actuation Of P405 Manufacturing Peykan Double Currant Actuation In 2000 .

Take License From Bosch(Germany) For Drum Brake P206 (TU3) Actuation P206(TU3) , Front Disk Brake P206 (TU3/TU5) Manufacturing Bended Brake Tubes Of P405 & PRD In 2001 Changing In Management Structure To More Improvement Manufacturing Bended Brake Tubes Of Samand In 2003 . TNH Achieved ISOTS 16949:2002 From RWTUV Germany Manufacturing Bended Brake Tubes Of Pride In 2004 .TNH Achived Rear Disk Brake TU5 , Entering To Renault Global Supply Chain By Logan Entering Fiat Supply Chain By Palio& Sienna Also For (Ssong Yong) Supply Chain By Korrado In 2005 .