Invitation for 11th Iran International Auto Part Exhibition

It is an honor for us to have a privilege to invite you at 11th Iran International Auto Part Exhibition. The venue of the exhibition is Tehran International Permanent Fairground. The exhibition will be held on November 15 to 18, 2016. The timings for the exhibition are from 9:00 in the morning till 17:00.

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We are waiting for you in hall 40B booth 12.

We will be pleased to see your presence in the exhibition.


Iranian auto part manufactures will enter in International market

Ahmadreza Ranaee, vice president of one of specialized forums of IAPMA, has announced that some solutions have been identified and provided for removing barriers of auto part export and said: in the last month, some meetings have been held with the presence of Industry and Mines Ministry officials, members of the board of IAPMA forums and a number of parts manufactures, in order to identify export barriers and proposing related solutions for them.
He explained that the most important barriers are current business situation, foreign exchange constraints and the high cost of international transportation; and they could be eliminated by the support of government.

Enhancing the level of export empowerment in Iran
He declared that one of the common objective of Industry and Mines Ministry and IAPMA is enhancing the level of export empowerment in Iran. Raw material, energy and labor cost are the advantages of Iran market.
He noted that the government and Industry and Mines Ministry are able to provide needed facilities and trainings for manufacturers participation in automechanical exhibition, through Iran Exports Research Center.
Strengthening export infrastructure in the country
Due to poor infrastructure for export in the country, it is needed that existing infrastructure will be strengthened up to 100%. The countries like China, Turkey and India which are successful in auto part export, have powerful infrastructure and supportive plans in bank loan interests, required trainings, allocating subsidies for participation in international exhibitions, as well as incentives for export.