New changes in TNH

In order to improve business condition and promote TNH brand the board of directors decided to change the current organizational chart and introduce new top managers to the system. New managers unveiled recently are: vice-president, commercial manager, quality manager and planning manager and it is hoped that their experience, potential and expertise pave the way for TNH growth. It is worth noting that the new managers are of most experienced active managers in the auto-part industry and each of them has a decisive plan for promotion and growth.

Remodeling in TNH chart also coincidence with the changes in TNH site appearance. Changes in view and production space has been always a priority for TNH which was delayed due to market development expenses.

Azintaneh’s employees participated in blood donation

Following the invitation of Azintaneh Board of Directors and Tehran’s Blood Transfusion Organization, Aizntaneh’s team, joined the queue of blood donors, to save patients in need of blood.

This donation was held on January 11th and numerous employees participate in it. Thirty thousand thalassemia and hemophilia are in the country who need blood transfusion and it was an inspiration for our team to help their fellow human beings in this charity movement.

Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization was established on July 31, 1974 with the aim of regulating the chaotic situation, promoting culture of donating blood and supplying safe and free products to meet the patient’s need, especially thalassemia, hemophilia and leukemia. Founder of Iranian blood transfusion organization is Dr. Fereydoon Ala.

Auto-Parts Manufacture’s Road map & IKCO supports for them in the agreement with Peugeot France

CEO of IKCO expressed that: in the agreement with Peugeot achieving 40 percent of localized parts in the first year and 70 percent by the end of the fourth year has been targeted which we insist on the implementation of the provisions of the contract and we will stand firm on our position. We must step on a path that simultaneously beholds provisioning the agreement with Peugeot, and also the domestic auto-parts manufactures by using new technology developed their abilities and have the potential to export their products in Peugeot worldwide market. The small size auto-parts manufactures also should raise their technology level and their capacity in order to survive in the market. We consider the auto-parts manufactures as IKCO family and we support them to promote and develop.

Automotive Industry in 2017

Automotive industry begins the 2017 in a situation that prognosticated reports published by major world producers shows a significant turnaround in investment. In the upcoming year, we are going to see more investments on auto-motive’s technology especially self-driving cars. It has been suggested that for the first time in history, the production of self-driving cars will be more than 100 million cars in this year. In addition, it has been claimed that 2017 would be thriving year for auto-motive’s technologies.

The domestic highest quality cars in the past month

The quality ranking of cars which are producing in Iran has been published on November.

Based on the published report, the cars below 25 million Tomans: Saipa 141, Saipa 132, Tiba and Saipa 111 gain solely one star out of five possible and stands at the bottom line of quality.

However, for the cars ranging from 25 to 50 million Tomans, Renault Sandro has get 4 stars out of possible five. Logan automatic, Logan IKCO, Pars Logan(L90), Pars khodro Logan, Runna, Peugeut 206 SD and Peugeot 206 also has gain three star out of possible five quality star.

Moreover, new MVM 315 and Dena also get two stars. Other cars belonging to this group such as Peugeot 405, Samand, Peugeot pars, Tiba 2 and MVM 110S also get only one out of five star possible.

Azintaneh’s presence in 11th International Auto Part Exhibition

Eleventh Iran International Auto Part Exhibition which was the largest international exhibition of automotive parts in middle east, attended by hundreds of local and foreign companies this year which was a new record in Iran international exhibitions.

The exhibition was attended by 492 domestic and 540 foreign companies. Companies from 23 countries, Turkey, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, the United Arabic Emirates, Austria, Australia, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Bangladesh, Malta, France, Bulgaria, England, Argentina and Tunisia have presented their most modern production equipment. The exhibition was so important that some countries, including Germany, China, Turkey, Taiwan, South Korea, India and Germany were present as a group (pavilion).

img_3321 img_3326 img_5983 img_5991 img_6002


The exhibition has been held in a space of over 28 thousand square meters, in 18 halls and outdoor exhibition, in Tehran International Permanent Fairground. The participation had a 10 percent increase over the previous year.

Azintaneh has participated in this exhibition with the aim of showcase the capabilities of its internal experts, demonstrating the latest products designed and constructed by Azintaneh and partnerships with foreign companies. The exhibition was an opportunity for Azintaneh to strengthen their relationship with its customers and audience. In addition to notifying about latest situation of company’s products, it prevented from misusing Azintaneh’s brand. It is worth to mention that due to Azintaneh’s fame and reputation in Iran auto part industry, some significant foreign and domestic opportunities have been provided.

Invitation for 11th Iran International Auto Part Exhibition

It is an honor for us to have a privilege to invite you at 11th Iran International Auto Part Exhibition. The venue of the exhibition is Tehran International Permanent Fairground. The exhibition will be held on November 15 to 18, 2016. The timings for the exhibition are from 9:00 in the morning till 17:00.

image description

We are waiting for you in hall 40B booth 12.

We will be pleased to see your presence in the exhibition.


Iranian auto part manufactures will enter in International market

Ahmadreza Ranaee, vice president of one of specialized forums of IAPMA, has announced that some solutions have been identified and provided for removing barriers of auto part export and said: in the last month, some meetings have been held with the presence of Industry and Mines Ministry officials, members of the board of IAPMA forums and a number of parts manufactures, in order to identify export barriers and proposing related solutions for them.
He explained that the most important barriers are current business situation, foreign exchange constraints and the high cost of international transportation; and they could be eliminated by the support of government.

Enhancing the level of export empowerment in Iran
He declared that one of the common objective of Industry and Mines Ministry and IAPMA is enhancing the level of export empowerment in Iran. Raw material, energy and labor cost are the advantages of Iran market.
He noted that the government and Industry and Mines Ministry are able to provide needed facilities and trainings for manufacturers participation in automechanical exhibition, through Iran Exports Research Center.
Strengthening export infrastructure in the country
Due to poor infrastructure for export in the country, it is needed that existing infrastructure will be strengthened up to 100%. The countries like China, Turkey and India which are successful in auto part export, have powerful infrastructure and supportive plans in bank loan interests, required trainings, allocating subsidies for participation in international exhibitions, as well as incentives for export.

Mr. Hashemi, Azintaneh’s Chairman of the Board, was elected as a member of the board of directors of Auto Parts Manufacturers Association

On September 5th 2016, the election of Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association’s board was held with attendance of more than 402 active members. This election was a comprehensive participation, also a strong determination of all part manufacturers for unity, progress, avoidance of conflict and promotion of this industry in the country. The purpose of this election was eliminating the problems of auto parts manufacturers, persistent presence in Automotive Policy Council meetings and declaring the needs of the member of this association. During the meeting Mr. Hashemi, Azin taneh’s Chairman of the Board, was elected as a member of the board of directors of Auto Parts Manufacturers Association.

mrh2It is worth noted that Mr. Hashemi’s votes demonstrate his experience, expertise and empowerment in this industry which it is hoped to lead in synergies for improving the existing situation.

It should be noted that the auto makers aim to determining a strong board to pursue their demands by this election. Because they believe that any efficient action has not done by association until now. Today auto parts industry has several problems, including taxes, payments of automotive companies and cash shortage which is resulted in lack of growth and development of products. Despite the whole payment should be paid within 45 days, today this amount rises up to 3.5 to 4 trillion and it seems hard to clear such debt.

For gaining familiarity with the history of Mr. Hashemi, a summary of his activities will be presented as follows:

Mr. Hashemi who can be introduced as one of the country’s entrepreneurs, started his carrier in mold making and machining industries from his beginning 13’s. Despite his successes, due to the inherent interest in automotive industry, he entered in commercial vehicles brake industry and start repairing heavy trucks pneumatic valves. In early of 1968, he also began to produce brake systems for commercial vehicles.

After the revolution in Iran He founded Iran booster Company with his partners. This company with passing Bendix technical interview, was one of the first companies which could produce under the license of an international company. Due to the war, and refusing foreign part manufacturers to supply, localization of Trailer coupling, Quick release valve and Spring break actuator were started and after that the other parts of the braking system was produced locally. As a result, Iran became independent of importing car’s brake systems.

It should be mentioned, it was the first time that parts of vehicles safety systems were produced completely local and were made without any support from external suppliers.

In 1993, Hashemi and his partners, in order to develop their activities, founded a new company named Azin Taneh. From that time, much more brake system parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicls have been produced by Azin Taneh company.

Production of brake systems for passenger cars commenced with the support of automotive manufactures top managers. The initial outcome of this cooperation lead to production of Paykan boosters and not long after, production of other parts followed through. Because of the managers’ experties and quality of AzinTaneh products, Hashemi and his partners were presented to BOSCH Co, by managers of the PSA (Peugeot) & IKCO (Iran Khodro). So Azintaneh’s production was continued under the license of Bosch Co.Because of Azin taneh’s history and its Directors background, Azin can be recognized as one of the most experienced manufacturers of brake system in Iran.  Among the major achievements of Hashemi, localization of many other parts can be pointed. Despite oppositions and threats that were done from importers, his enthusiasm and perseverance lead him to succeed in his works.Mr. Hashemi was a member of the mechanics associations of Tehran for many years. among his experiences, avoiding overturn of trucks by adding some sensors to their brake system can be mentioned as one of the most important actions of him. He believes diligence is the main effective factor that made him progress and diligence means working 17 hours per day, uninterrupted.  Hashemi as an artisan and producer, has participated in board of Parts manufacturer in Iran. He believes that with Cooperation of professional and nationalist specialist, it is possible to release Iran’s automotive industry from current problems. His key points to approach from current position are mentioned as below: 1-      Cooperation and take parts with highly specialized and experienced Iranian auto parts manufacturer in negotiations with automotive companies & international car factories.2-      Efficient and close relation between research centers and manufacturers as well as using their opinions.3-      create conditions for internal producers to able them contact with international part producer and use their experience and also make them can produce parts under international company license. facilitate the export conditions for high quality Iranian producers.

Azintaneh’s suppliers ranking will be a part of its electronic supply chain management (ESCM)

Evaluating and ranking Azintaneh’s suppliers, will began from its quality assurance such as always. This department determine and develop indicators and needed documents and then they will be delivered to the related experts. So after specialized audit, suppliers ranking will be done.

By increasing Azintaneh’s cooperation with international companies, this company is looking to improve its systems and procedures. Therefore, it has been decided that suppliers ranking will be a part of its electronic supply chain management (ESCM).

It is worth noting the orders of suppliers will be determined based on the results of this evaluation and in this respect there is a clear incentive system. Azintaneh is always seeking to improve its supplier, consequently there are compiled program for supplier upgrade in both main professional activities and other procedures.