The domestic highest quality cars in the past month

The quality ranking of cars which are producing in Iran has been published on November.

Based on the published report, the cars below 25 million Tomans: Saipa 141, Saipa 132, Tiba and Saipa 111 gain solely one star out of five possible and stands at the bottom line of quality.

However, for the cars ranging from 25 to 50 million Tomans, Renault Sandro has get 4 stars out of possible five. Logan automatic, Logan IKCO, Pars Logan(L90), Pars khodro Logan, Runna, Peugeut 206 SD and Peugeot 206 also has gain three star out of possible five quality star.

Moreover, new MVM 315 and Dena also get two stars. Other cars belonging to this group such as Peugeot 405, Samand, Peugeot pars, Tiba 2 and MVM 110S also get only one out of five star possible.