New changes in TNH

In order to improve business condition and promote TNH brand the board of directors decided to change the current organizational chart and introduce new top managers to the system. New managers unveiled recently are: vice-president, commercial manager, quality manager and planning manager and it is hoped that their experience, potential and expertise pave the way for TNH growth. It is worth noting that the new managers are of most experienced active managers in the auto-part industry and each of them has a decisive plan for promotion and growth.

Remodeling in TNH chart also coincidence with the changes in TNH site appearance. Changes in view and production space has been always a priority for TNH which was delayed due to market development expenses.

Azintaneh’s employees participated in blood donation

Following the invitation of Azintaneh Board of Directors and Tehran’s Blood Transfusion Organization, Aizntaneh’s team, joined the queue of blood donors, to save patients in need of blood.

This donation was held on January 11th and numerous employees participate in it. Thirty thousand thalassemia and hemophilia are in the country who need blood transfusion and it was an inspiration for our team to help their fellow human beings in this charity movement.

Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization was established on July 31, 1974 with the aim of regulating the chaotic situation, promoting culture of donating blood and supplying safe and free products to meet the patient’s need, especially thalassemia, hemophilia and leukemia. Founder of Iranian blood transfusion organization is Dr. Fereydoon Ala.

Unveiling the first joint Iranian and French car on March

President Rouhani states that the first joint car between Iran and France which 30% of that is for export will be introduced soon. Rouhani asserts that: “first joint Iranian and French car will unveil on March and every one would see that the economy of Iran is going to flourish.”

Although, the president Rouhani did not make any further point, speculation suggests that the mentioned car would be the Peugeot 2008 as in the new agreement between IKCO and Peugeot, Iran would act as the production center.