Azintaneh’s employees participated in blood donation

Following the invitation of Azintaneh Board of Directors and Tehran’s Blood Transfusion Organization, Aizntaneh’s team, joined the queue of blood donors, to save patients in need of blood.

This donation was held on January 11th and numerous employees participate in it. Thirty thousand thalassemia and hemophilia are in the country who need blood transfusion and it was an inspiration for our team to help their fellow human beings in this charity movement.

Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization was established on July 31, 1974 with the aim of regulating the chaotic situation, promoting culture of donating blood and supplying safe and free products to meet the patient’s need, especially thalassemia, hemophilia and leukemia. Founder of Iranian blood transfusion organization is Dr. Fereydoon Ala.