Azintaneh started in 1994 with the production of air brakes for commercial vehicles and after two years started producing Paykan brake actuation and brake systems of passenger cars. In the following years, with licenses from companies Bosch and AP Lockheed, Azintaneh expanded its production for other cars.

Manpower is the most important asset of any company. Azintaneh’s executive team comprised of young and motivated team of experts. In recent years, Azintaneh has hired well-known university graduates and because of this, the process is improved and accelerated. Using the industry’s experienced people next to young workers, has led to unique Information and Communication in local and global markets. These competencies in addition to the financial ability of the company, in domestic and international level, have made Azintaneh one of the leading domestic manufacturers of automotive parts. Currently, many of the pieces that have been imported from other countries in recent years, has been developed by the engineering team of Azintaneh and domestically produced   Read More


Customers’ first choice with applying sustainable continuous improvement and providing various products with the highest quality while relying on personnel and technical knowledge within the organization to become the top brand of automobile parts for domestic and selected international partner



The industry leader in automotive brake systems

Apply continuous improvement in quality management systems, business processes and quality of products

Increase and enhance the capabilities of the technology within the framework of international standards

achieve zero defects

Having a professional relationship with business partners to enter the international markets

Raising the interest of work by providing good value, support and satisfaction of employees, business partners and customers alike


  • Customers

Superior quality

Competitive price

On time delivery product

Considering requirements for management systems and organizational excellence


  • Shareholders

Achieving the goals that are approved

Leadership in product’s price Read More


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