• Customers

Superior quality

Competitive price

On time delivery product

Considering requirements for management systems and organizational excellence


  • Shareholders

Achieving the goals that are approved

Leadership in product’s price

Maintainingand improving market share

Thetimely payment of dividend hikes

Responding to Social Responsibilities of Shareholders


  • Society

Considering Legal and social obligations

Compliance with environmental requirements

Timely payment demands (taxes, duties, …)


  • Employees

Balancing thecost of living and salary

Improving the environment and ergonomics

Mutual respectby managers

Creating a proper system of rewards and penalties

Solving the problems of supervision

Equityin the services

Solve economic problems(loans, housing, …)


  • Suppliers

Timely payments

The availability of raw materials if supplier needs

Providing consistent requirements program

Impartiality in the selection of suppliers

Providing scientific and technical cooperation to improve the quality of products

Negotiate and achieve common goals