Azintaneh started in 1994 with the production of air brakes for commercial vehicles and after two years started producing Paykan brake actuation and brake systems of passenger cars. In the following years, with licenses from companies Bosch and AP Lockheed, Azintaneh expanded its production for other cars.

Manpower is the most important asset of any company. Azintaneh’s executive team comprised of young and motivated team of experts. In recent years, Azintaneh has hired well-known university graduates and because of this, the process is improved and accelerated. Using the industry’s experienced people next to young workers, has led to unique Information and Communication in local and global markets. These competencies in addition to the financial ability of the company, in domestic and international level, have made Azintaneh one of the leading domestic manufacturers of automotive parts. Currently, many of the pieces that have been imported from other countries in recent years, have been developed by the engineering team of Azintaneh and are domestically produced.
Engineering and supply departments can be consider as the most important parts of Azintaneh. Engineering department reviews current and future OEM’s needs and finds solutions for these needs and expand them. Customers’ trust is created by ability, expertise and experience of engineering team.

Azintaneh’s core competency is its supply chain. Azintaneh has more than 120 suppliers in Iran and elsewhere in the world, and about 5,000 are active in this chain. In addition, three companies in Turkey, Canada and Germany, have been established to respond in the fastest possible time to the customers. In Azintaneh beneficiaries are key members of company, the great assistance in terms of technical, technological and financial terms to suppliers will be done so they will grow beside Azintaneh.

Azintaneh is one of the first manufacturers of auto parts in Iran and its ultimate goal is to produce in world-class level. To achieve this, new products and brands are being added to the product portfolio of the company. Azintaneh tries to develop its customers business as its business partners by applying international standards. The experience of many years which Azintaneh has in this industry, will take the company forward. In recent years, company pay more attention to increasing the speed of delivery and quality of its products. In determining competitive advantage, market and customer concerns are considered and there is a strong believe that company will be closer to the reality of the market, if it looks from the customer side.